Casper Mural Project

The Mission

The specific purpose and mission of the Casper Mural Project are to foster and encourage community expression, through the creation of public art in the form of murals. In particular, to the commission, orchestrate, and maintain community-related murals in the Casper area for the benefit of the general public. These murals will tell stories that inspire deeper compassion among Casper neighbors, wider cultural understanding and empathy, and focus on stories of inspiration, social justice, and community peace. These murals will foster attachment and cultural identity; social cohesion and cultural understanding; public health, wellbeing, and belonging. The project will provide an ecosystem in which artists are contributors to the whole of Casper’s economic and cultural benefit.

Our Board

Alisha Bynum, Elliott Ramage, Beth Andress, Julie Schmitt, Rayna Januska, Denise Kandel & Angie Bonczek Volzke